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9:59 AM - Wednesday, Jul. 04, 2007
Hello, dear that is what I must be to you. Almost three years since I last made an entry. Not by choice. By demands of others and by my own fear. I don't want to get into that now. Can't, really. Still possessed somewhat by the fear of writing, but I am working to overcome that.

I have started a new blog I would love for you to visit. (I will have to revisit the faq's to remember all the shortcuts such as making a the meantime I'll leave it to you to do the old fashioned cut and paste!)

The blog will not be a diary. More an observation post. (no pun intended!!)

I want to begin journaling again here. I NEED to begin journaling again here. It is amazing to look back at my last few entries and think that all the time that has elapsed since then has passed way too quickly. So many things have happened in my life since then. And I think that I have changed...yet when I read my last entries, I am still so much the same. Which tells me there is still much room for improvement!! And much room to be proud of me for who I am.

I have not kept up with your diaries, either. It was just too hard for too long. Perhaps at some time I'll be able to write about the fear that grips me when I consider writing again. For now I am just happy to be letting ANY words go out to play on their own!!

I plan to catch up on you...and hope you will catch up on me too.

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